About YAK

About YAK


■Established : March 11, 1989 (Ministry of Science and ICT)

■President : Suh, Sang-Kee

■Organization : Central headquarter and 17 regional headquarters nationwide

About 50,000 student members (3rd grade in elementary school to 3rd grade in high school)3,000 advisors and teachers


[Special Association Inc. established under the YAK Law #14839]



Founded in 1989, the Young Astronauts Korea(YAK) is an international youth organization that focuses on science and technology. It is the only international science and space youth organization in Korea, which was established in the world at the time, following the United States, Russia, and Japan under the organization of Young Astronauts International (YAI, Washington, USA).

Vision & Mission

The purpose of the establishment is to foster the creative exploration ability of students and to promote the development of the society, and individuals who are the main players of the scientific powerhouse who can lead the development of science and technology, also contribute to human peace.

① Leading
Next Generation

Promoting the development of cutting-edge science and technology in the future tech-oriented society, and contribute to national development.

② Leading
Next Generation

Developing creative abilities by cultivating minds in the universe and interests for exploration of rapidly changing science and technology era.

③Empowering mental
and physical strength

Exploring scientific experiences and training strong mental and physical strength to challenge the unknown universe in the future.